4 Tips of Learning English on Kindle

I am often asked: “Does Kindle help learn English?”

Of course not.

Don’t think that you can’t learn English well because you didn’t buy an electronic device.

Paper books have the benefits of paper books. Kindles and iPads also have their own benefits.

Kindle has ink screen, Amazon store, Vocabulary Builder feature, and can be connected with Goodreads, it is a good device to read the English book.

Let ’s start with my learning experience and share with you some of my experiences in learning English with Kindle.

Connect to Goodreads

If you want to use your Kindle to read the English book, it is recommended to use a US Amazon account. It is not only convenient for buying books, but also easy to read the reviews on Goodreads.

If want to know how to change the language of the Kindle system, please read this guide.

And if you don’t know how to integrate Kindle with Goodreads, please click here.

kindle and goodreads

Vocabulary Builder

The most useful feature on Kindle for learning English is Vocabulary Builder, which automatically records new words, provides the context of the word.

What’s more, there is a feature called “flashcard”, that allows us to learn vocabulary during reading.

But beware: not every new word is worth remembering. For example, “phosphorescence”, we just need to know what it means. We can only remember words that often appear in reading and that we will use frequently.

Don’t worry about forgetting the words you have learned, don’t be panic about meeting too many new words. It’s just that you don’t use them frequently enough.

In addition, you can learn new words by exporting them through third-party software, such as Kindlemate and Anki.

Vocabulary builder


Wordwise is an overrated feature in my personal opinion, and I don’t often turn it on. Mainly because I don’t think we need to master all the new words in reading.

In fact, many new words can be ignored or guessed from the related context.

In addition, when Wordwise is turned on, the content line spacing will increase, which will also affect my reading speed.

If you use Wordwise, I have two suggestions:

  1. Select Fewer Hints to reduce reading distractions.
  2. Pay attention to words with multiple meanings.

kindle wordwise

Also be careful when using Wordwise, it can’t take all context into account. If you want to learn English, don’t rely too much on it. Take a specific example to illustrate:

The tweet here is not “to make a short high sound”, but publish content on the app Twitter.

Take screenshot

When reading on a Kindle, I will take screenshots whenever I encounter wonderful paragraphs or sentences, and then organize them into Evernote on a regular basis.

Through this kind of work, I can review my knowledge and share it with my friends.

You can learn how to take screenshot on Kindle from this post.

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