How to Stop Kindle Cloud Items from Showing up on Kindle Paperwhite

kindle-cloud-readerWhen we finish a Kindle book, we would delete it to make our Kindle library clean and tidy, in addition, the Kindle doesn’t has a enough large storage space. Therefore, except those books I love a lot and want to read again, I would delete the books once I finished them.

For the books transferred via USB cable, we can directly delete them completely, they will not show up anymore in both cloud library and local Kindle library.

For the books purchased from Amazon or synced via “transfer to Kindle” service, they are saved in our Kindle cloud library, even if we delete on Kindle, they will also show up in the cloud library screen. With time going, our Kindle cloud will become more and more clutterd.

In this post, I am going to introduce a solid method to stop cloud items from showing up on your Kindle. And some other methods will also be introduced to keep your Kindle library screen clean and tidy, which is just the reason why you don’t want to cloud items to show up.

The most thorough method: Delete the file in Kindle Cloud

Before adopting this method, please notice that if you delete a file in Kindle cloud library, the book will be no longer owned by you. If you want to read it again another day, you would have to buy it one more time.

1. Go to, login your account and navigate to “Manage Your Kindle”.

manage your kindle


2. Once entered the “Manage Your Kindle” page, all the purchased and uploaded items will be displayed. Looking to the right side, there is an “Action” button  for each item (free dictionary doesn’t has such a button). Move the mouse onto it, a drop-down menu will pop out.

delete from kindle library

3. There is one more warning by clicking “Delete from library” button. Choose “Yes” then this book will be completely deleted from your Kindle cloud, and you won’t see it again on any screen of your Kindle.

delete confirmation


Plan B: Create collection to organize the files

This method cannot solve the problem completely, at least it makes the library looks tidy.

To create collections is pretty easy, back to the home screen of Kindle, click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner and choose “Create New Collection”, then give it a name. There you see a new item displayed on the home screen.

For instance, I have a collection called “Finished”, then I will see a “book” called “Finished” and “Author Name” is “X Items”.

By adding books into collection, the books are still stored in Kindle, so if your storage space is running out, this method is not recommended for you.


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