How to Turn Kindle Fire into a Second Screen for Computer

Today a friend of mine asks me if there is an app can turn his Kindle Fire into his laptop’s second screen. It happened that I used one before, so I recommend it to him and he made it easily.

The app is called Air Display, it can turn Kindle Fire, iPad, and all the other iOS&Android device into computer’s third screen. Here is how you can use it.

1. Download Air Display app for iTunes or Andorid. Either version costs you $9.99, I can guarantee you won’t regret paying for this app.

2. Download Air Display computer program for Windows or Mac.

3. Run Air Display app on your Kindle Fire or other tablet.

4. Run Air Display program on computer. Make sure your computer and tablet are connected to the same LAN network, then you shall see “Connect” option on computer.

5. Once your computer and tablet are connected, you can use your tablet in many ways. Like mirror the computer desktop, use tablet as the extended part of computer screen, sharing contents between computer and tablet, etc..

Below is a photo about how would it looks like.

turn kindle fire into second screen of computer

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