What is Amazon Prime Reading and Comparison with Kindle Unlimited

amazon prime reading

Amazon launched Prime Reading at the beginning of October, 2016, at the moment it’s only available for US Amazon. By reading lots of news and discussion about the Amazon Prime Reading, I compiled this post to explain the most concerned questions about Prime Reading.

What is the cost of Amazon Prime Reading?

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can access to this service for free.

If you haven’t subscribed to Amazon Prime yet, the price is $99/year. You can try it free for 30 days. Besides the free books, you can also benefit free shipping , Amazon video, Amazon drive and photos (unlimited photos) from Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime costs $8.25/month, while Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99/month.

Where can I read free books with Prime Reading?

As long as you have Kindle reading app installed (no matter iOS, Android), you can read Prime Reading books.

Kindle for Android: go to Menu > Store > and look for “NEW! Prime Reading

Kindle for iOS: go to Menu > Book Browser > and look for “Prime Reading”, or scroll down the screen and look for “Current Magazines in Prime Reading

Where to find the free books of Prime Reading? Is there a list?

There is not an official page which lists all free books you can access from Prime Reading. However, you can visit this list, it is the most accurate list so far.

How many books I can read for free at a time?

You can read (Amazon calls it “borrow”) 10 books for free at a time (not a month!), and there is no due date.


In past years, Prime member can borrow 1 book for free each month with KOLL (Kindle Owners Lending Library).

How many books are contained in Prime Reading? And the quality?

According to Amazon’s introduction, now the Prime Reading contains 1000+ books which you can read for free, including magazines and comics.

As to the quality, it is satisfying. I see the popular books like The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Man In the High Castle, The Millionaire Next Door, Half Way Home, When I’m Gone and more.

I believe new items will be added to Prime Reading list very often.

Extra benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Amazon First Reads: This is a service which allows to get editors’ recommended books earlier than others, and you can buy one of them with only $1.99 each month. What’s more, if you are willing to buy a hardcover edition, the price will be under $9.99.
  • Washington Post: Washington Post is one of the best news sources of the world, the good news is, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get 6-month free access to all articles on Washington Post.

Amazon Prime Reading VS. Kindle Unlimited comparison table

FeaturesKindle UnlimitedAmazon Prime Reading
Price$10/month, no matter Prime member or notFree, only for Prime member
Books to keep at a time1010
Books to borrow each monthUnlimitedUnlimited
AccessesKindle reading app (Android and iOS), Kindle Fire, KindleKindle reading app (Android and iOS), Kindle Fire, Kindle
Available titles1 million +1 thousand +
Start Free TrialStart Free Trial

How to choose? Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading?

The decision is simple to make, it depends how heavily you addicted to reading.

If read over 3 books per month, you can choose Kindle Unlimited, even if you are already a Prime member. Or Prime Reading is enough for you, of course, if you are not a regular Amazon customer, you don’t need Amazon Prime, either. Just directly buy books from Amazon.


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