Best 3 Kindle Fire HD Apps to Play Local Downloaded Videos

Best 3 Kindle Fire HD Apps to Play Local Downloaded Videos

There are lots of great video apps out there today. It should be relatively easy for people to find the best video apps among them. Some of these apps are going to be free and some of them are going to have nominal costs attached. However, most apps are inexpensive these days and people should be able to find what they’re looking for among them. When evaluating the best video apps, it is a good idea to look at the user experience, the number of features associated with the app, the reactions from customers who have used the app in the past and the present, and the versatility of the app itself. Generally speaking, the best video apps are going to have all of these features and more, and they can offer users everything that they’re going to need.

VLC for Fire

VLC for Fire (App)

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Release date March 8, 2017.

This app is open-source, cross-platform, and free, so it’s going to be widely available to most users today. It’s one of the fastest and easiest media players that people can use.

People are going to need Android 2.2 and up in order to download it, but this should not be a problem in most cases.

Current Fire OS is based on Android 5, even the first version of Fire OS is based on Android 2.3, so you needn’t to worry about the compatibility issue

The controls for this app are very simple and intuitive. The overall experience of using an app like this is very smooth, and it’s something that a lot of people should appreciate. The user experience is truly excellent with the VLC, and that is not something that people can take for granted in many cases when it comes to video apps.



This is an app that’s been around since 2004 and it is still widely in use today. Almost any app that has that sort of staying power is an app that is worth trying.

It’s a free and open-source Android app that really allows people to watch all of their favorite shows and movies. This is an award-winning app, and people are going to realize why this is the case right away. This is an app that people can truly use every day.

They’ve been using it for a long time and they’re going to continue to use it. Most customers speak very highly of Kodi and they talk about the fact that it makes watching their favorite shows and movies easy.

The only flaw is that you can’t download it directly from Amazon App Store, instead you need to download the app’s APK file at first, then manually install it, here is a step-by-step guide.

MX Player

MX Player (App)

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One of the things that really makes the MX Player app stand out is that it has a wide range of different features.

This app is unique in the sense that it supports multi-core decoding, which makes it one of the first of its kind. There is a kids’ lock on it, which is going to make it easier for parents to monitor the viewing habits of their kids.

There are lots of different subtitle formats available with an app like this one. It is easy to apply hardware acceleration to more videos using the MX Player.

Zooming in and out is also much easier with an app like this one. It isn’t surprising that this is an app that belongs on anyone’s list of the best video apps today.

The comparison

The comparison just focus on normal daily use scenario, so I won’t cover some geek or minor-stream features.

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