6 eReader Blogs You Should Subscribe to Today

eReaders like Kindle and Kobo are more and more popular, but most of the eReader owners just buy books and read them. However, if you are also using your eReader in this way, you just fail to make the most of it.

Fortunately, we have some great blogs telling you everything in eBook&eReader industry, here are the top 6 of them:

1. The Digital Reader

My daily must-read blog about eBooks and eReader, by reading this blog you can hardly miss out any important event in this industry. This blog mainly covers the news, sometime also provides some guides and tricks.

the digital reader

2. Good eReader

The primary competitor of digital reader. In my personal opinion, I prefer the Digital Reader. Good eReader covers wider market than eBooks and eReaders, which brings too much noise when I only need know what happened in eBooks and eReaders industry. This year Good eReader reported the Voyage 2 will be released in November, turn out to be a fake news, this is not what a leader-blog does.

good ereader

3. A Kindle World Blog

A blog only focus on Kindle. The blog owner publishes new posts in low frequency, about 2 weeks per post, but each post contains very rich information, a combination post  of news, guidance, free books, etc..

a kindle world blog

4. eBook Friendly

This blog covers less on news, this is a smart option when we have digital reader and good ereader on the front. With years of working, this blog has made a significant difference in this industry. Now it provides many infographics and quotes. Most of its posts are “list style”, like buzzfeed. To be honest, this blog is my example.

ebook friendly

5. The eBook Reader

Very similar with the Good eReader, mainly covers the news of eBook and eReader industry, sometimes introducing relative apps and tricks about tablet computers. In my very personal opinion, if you have already subscribed to Digital Reader and Good eReader, it’s not necessary to read this blog.

the ebook reader

6. Teleread

A blog about e-reading tech, writing and publishing, Amazon, library and How-to guides. It publishes 4-5 posts per day and mainly focus on news and reviews. If you are also interested in writing and publishing, you shall subscribe to this blog.



This blog? Of course it is not good enough to be your must-read blog. I am working hard to make it better and better, someday I will be confident to add this blog to the list.


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