The Best 4 iPhone X Wireless Charger and Why You Need Them

Before using wireless charging, I think that most people don’t really think plug-in charging that troublesome. But in fact, in some cases, plug-in charging does bring some troubles, for example the line has been plugged in, but you want to sit in a comfortable position/lie and play with mobile phone, for example you used to pull out the line and after doing something, forget to plug in to charge.

As a matter of fact, the way of mobile phone wireless charging is not really wireless. It can’t charge in the air. The cell phone should be put on the designated device, and it can be recharged only when there is a real contact induction.

Therefore, the current wireless charging cannot meet your demand of charging and freely playing the mobile phone t the same time, but it is the perfect solution to the latter problem so that you no longer need to plug the line, which makes charging more convenient, natural.

But perhaps it can’t convince you, it doesn’t seem to change much more than the plug-in, or even a bit of ‘chicken rib’. Yes, I thought so before I tried it. After using, you will find it a thing which ‘cannot give up once you try’.

Think back to how you charge your cell phone every time: hold your cell phone in one hand, pick up the data line with the other hand, stare at whether you have aligned the charging port, plug in the line harder, start charging and finally put down your cell phone.

why you need a wireless charger

With wireless charging base, every step of charging is changed: confirm the location of charging base with your eyes, put the cell phone up (you only use one hand) and start charging.

When you want to take the phone away, the situation is very similar. When you are charging with the line, you still need to pull the line with two hands, but if it is wireless charging, you just need to pick it up without extra trouble.

Thought the current wireless charging is not like the Bluetooth headset, which has realized free and complete wireless, it can make it much more convenient for you to charge the phone.

  • You only need one hand to complete the action of charging the cell phone;
  • You don’t have to align the charging port, put it on the board of the coaster’s size freely, you can charge the mobile phone;
  • You won’t forget to continue to charge the mobile phone by plugging the line because you always need to take away and put back your mobile phone.

Before using the wireless charging, you will not feel the inconveniences. But these benefits will make you shout: ‘It is really easy to use’.

So, now what are the wireless charging bases available? The editorial department of the minority has recently experienced a variety of iPhone wireless charging bases of different brands and different characteristics. We will share our experience with you, hoping to help you with your purchase.

Anker wireless charging pad

This wireless charging base from Anker has a pure black appearance. The contact surface between the top and the phone and the contact surface between the bottom and the table all use soft silicone material to enhance the contact force and make the cell phone more stable when charging.

The blue breathing lamp at the bottom is the biggest highlight of this product. When charging, the breathing lamp is lit and it will die out after completion. If you put on a mobile phone which does not support wireless charging, the breathing lamp will quickly flicker to remind users. Of course, you can also close it through the switch in the bottom.

This wireless charging base uses two output programs of 5V 1A and 9V 1.1A, the micro USB interface, QC standard compatible with Android 3 mobile phone, it can also provide iPhone X, 8 iPhone and 8 Plus with wireless charging of Qi standard.

The overall experience of using is very good. The only problem is that the location of the coil is relatively low, so when placing the cell phone on the wireless charging base, we should be just a little bit cautious about the placement, so as to avoid the embarrassment of not charging.

Mophie wireless charging base

As the on-sale wireless charging base of Apple Store, Mophie’s wireless charging base is the only wireless fast charging charger confirmed to support 5V 1.5A in the future. Its volume is much larger than the Anker, the weight has also been doubled, and hold it in the hands, it is just like “small discus”.

The Mophie wireless charging base uses the Qi standard and currently supports the 5V 1A output. Due to the increase of contact area, problems of failing to charge caused by placing too high on Anker wireless charging base because of much power on the base of is very rare in the Mophie.

But this wireless charging base has its own problems. The power adapter and charging line are a whole, which means it must occupy a single power plug, instead of the multiple chargers, if the plugs on your table are very limited, you may need to use with the help of strip.

Belkin wireless charging base

In the current on sale wireless charging bases which support 7.5W wireless fast charging on the apple official website, besides the black wireless charging base of Mophie mentioned above, there is Belkin’s white wireless charging base. It’s much larger than the Mophie charger, with a skid silicone pad at the bottom and a breathing lamp on the side edge of the top to show the charging state.

During the charging process, the Belkin’s heat control is really good, and it won’t be too hot. However, we do not know if because the position of the coil is too close to the middle, pay attention to the position when put up to charge.

In addition, like Mophie, Belkin’s power adapter of wireless charger and wireless charger are a whole, and the charging port also doesn’t use micro USB or Type-C.

Because currently Apple has no open 7.5W fast charge, so we can only charge with 5V 1A power, we also tried another black wireless charging base of Belkin, it uses the micro USB interface charging head, may be smaller and more convenient.

Samsung 4th generation wireless charging base

Samsung 4th generation wireless charging base

The Samsung 4th generation wireless charging base gives a relatively better experience among a few vertical wireless charging bases we have experienced.

This is a wireless charging base which “can lie and stand”. But it is not recommended to use it as a “horizontal” base, because it is much thicker than other products, and it may fall down if it had not been put stable. When you let it stand, with the unlock of Face ID of iPhone X, it will bring you a particularly pleasant experience:

The iPhone X will automatically brighten the screen notified when receives message, then you only need to look at the cell phone standing in your side, face your mobile phone, the message will be automatically expanded to show the content, you can directly read the notice details without moving hands(because at this time your mobile phone has been unlocked).

That is to say, when you the message comes, you only need to look at a cell phone next to you, and you can see the content of the message, but others cannot see it. Believe this experience, a lot of people will love it once they try.

You can choose to pick up your cell phone if you want to operate after the reading the message – this is the convenience of the wireless charging. But you can also keep your mobile phone still and stretch to operate. At this time, a base will need to be “stable enough”, and Samsung is a good one.

The physical volume of this Samsung wireless charging base is not small, but as a vertical base, such characteristic has become advantage, its weight and the larger contact area with the mobile phone, make the mobile phone on the operation stay more stable, and the cortical material of its back, also well relieved the instability of iPhone X’s raising camera. In contrast, the other vertical bases I have experienced are not too light, but the back area is too small.

Secondly, there is a groove on the bottom of the mobile phone. The iPhone X needs “bottom up, slide to unlock”. This groove just makes it more convenient for you to finish the gesture, which is a detail I like very much.

In addition, the charging indicator of the Samsung’s base is in front, and it is very obvious if it has begun to charge.

The only disadvantage of Samsung is that the tilt angle is a bit big when it stands, which may be the reason why some people don’t like it.

You can buy it from these places: eBay, SamSung Official Site 

If you think this one is a bit expensive, you can also try the models below:

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