How to Read AZW3 Books on iPad and Mac

kindle-hash1AZW3 is a file format of Kindle eBooks. It is only supported by Kindle eReaders, like Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, etc..

What if you want to read AZW3 on iPad or Mac? This post will introduce you the solution.

iPad and Mac computer have the same eBooks reading app: iBooks. It supports EPUB and PDF format. So we just need to convert AZW3 files to EPUB, then use iBooks to read them.

Why not choosing PDF as target format? Because AZW3 and EPUB has the very similar file structure, converting AZW3 to EPUB can keep the original layout as much as possible. If convert to PDF, the layout may mess up.

Recommended Tool: Ultimate Converter

In common eBook file conversion cases, I would recommend you Calibre. But using Calibre to convert AZW3 to EPUB is a bit complex: you need in install DeDRM plugin, modify the plugin settings and input Kindle Serial Number into the plugin as decryption key, then remove the DRM and convert the format.

Ultimate Converter can handle it much more easily.

1. Install the program, make sure the book you want to convert is stored in your Kindle, you can read the book in your Kindle.

2. Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable. Open Ultimate Converter, you will see your Kindle is listed in the right side column.

3. Drag the books from right side column to left side main window, choose EPUB as output format and convert them.

Buy Windows Version Buy Mac Version

With the button above, you can buy the program with 10% off, this is a special discount for this blog’s readers.

Now you get the EPUB files, if you need to read it on iPad, just transfer the book to iPad with iTunes. If want to read it by Mac iBooks, just open the EPUB file with Mac iBooks app.


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