How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software or Extension

There are many software and chrome extensions which help you download videos from Facebook., like Apowersoft Video Download Capture and FB Video Downloader.

If you want to download video from Facebook but don’t want to install any software or browser extension, you can try this simple method.

Enter the individual page of a video post

Every post you publish to Facebook, no matter text, photo or video, has an individual page.

By clicking the time section, you can enter the individual page of the post.

facebook post individual page

Switch the page to mobile version

By default, the page’s url would be “”.

This is the desktop version of the page.

Here comes the trick: you need to switch this page to mobile version.

The operation is simple, change “www” to “m”, so the url will change to “”.

If everything goes well, the page’s design will change, that’s normal.

mobile version facebook

Download the video

Click on the video to play it, then right click on the video. In the context menu, you shall see an option “Save video as”, choose this option you can download a .mp4 video to your computer.


See? This method is simple and doesn’t require any third-party software or extension.

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