6 Best Kindle Fire HD 8 and 10 Cases for Kids

The Kindle Fire HD is popular for both adults and children. For children it can be an entertaining, educational, and a great item to have on a long trip or waiting in a doctor’s office. The age at which a child would start to enjoy the Kindle depends on the child.

There are many free educational games and programs that can help them learn to count, learn the alphabet, and help them start to read. You can download some entertaining games, books, and more. If you need a gift for a child, this would make an ideal one for their birthday, or Christmas.

The Kindle is an electronic device that can grow with the child. Once they outgrow the programs on the Kindle, you can delete them and download more age appropriate programs. One thing that you need to do is get a protective case for the Kindle because children are prone to dropping things. A protective case will help to prevent damage to the Kindle if dropped, or placed on a counter or table too hard.

All-New Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 8

This is the perfect kid-friendly companion for your Kindle HD 8 to protect it from drops and bumps. The case lip will help to protect the screen. The case was designed to be easy for little hands to hold while they play their games. The material is durable, lightweight, and kid-safe. The case is very sturdy and slip-proof. It gives your child easy access to ports and buttons. In addition to blue, it also comes in black and pink. The one drawback with this case is that it is only compatible with the 2016 release of the 6th Generation.

Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 8 (6th Generation, 2016 release), Blue (Electronics)

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MoKo Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 8

The MoKo case gives your child access to all controls and features. In addition to blue, it comes in six other colors such as green, black, purple, and orange. The case is EVA material and constructed to be impact-resistant. The case gives your child’s Kindle drop protection, safeguarding their device beyond the normal wear and tear. This case has a unique feature, which is that the case can go from a convertible stand case to one with a sturdy handle. For little hands, this handle can make it easier to handle and carry around. For extra protection, it has a raised screen bezel edges. There are openings for controls and buttons. The case has a lifetime warranty.

MoKo Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 8

This MoKo case gives your child easy access to all controls and features. It is a rugged, dual-layer protective case. The two-layer protection gives more protection and helps the Kindle to withstand bumps, shock, and drops. The case has enhanced drop protection and extra shock absorption. The design is made for heavy use, demanding conditions, and random accidents. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate plus flexible TPU. It comes with a built-in full screen protector that is one-layer to protect against scratches and dust. It also has a stand insert in the back.

MoKo Case for Fire HD 10 – Kids Friendly Protective Cover

The MoKo case is constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate. It is double enforced with a silicone inner-sleeve that is shock absorbing. For protection against impacts and drops, the corners are made of double-thick silicone for great protection. This case design is very easy for little hands to hold. For extra protection for the screen, it has raised bezel edges. With the cutouts and openings, it makes it easy to access all controls and features. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. This case comes in six other colors such as blue, red, pink, and orange. The material of the MoKo case is durable, lightweight, and hazard free.

Bobj Rugged Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 6th Generation (2016)

It is ruggedly high quality design throughout and provides great drop protection for the daily use of the Kindle. The advanced design provides shock absorption for all the edges, especially the corners. The BoBj rugged case has a clean, smooth look. If it is dropped screen down the rounded bezel edges on the front help to protect the screen. There is easy access to all switches, controls, and ports. The case makes it easier to hold the Kindle with a comfortable grip. It is easy to clean, kid friendly, and made of food grade Silicone. The Bobj® Models include custom design acoustics. They direct the sound toward the user. For the camera, front speaker, and mic there is extra protection.

Fintie Silicone Case for Amazon All-New Fire HD 8 – [Honey Comb Series]

The Fintie silicone case comes in ten vibrant colors like red, green, and purple. The case is made of durable silicone that is impact resistant. The honey comb pattern and rubber-like silicone material gives this case excellent grip. There are precision cut-outs that give you access to buttons, speakers, and ports. The sides and back are protected from bumps, scratches, accidental drops, and dirt due to the form fitting case. It is a one-piece case that is easy to clean with a quick wipe. The screen is protected with the raised bezel design.

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