14 Sites to Download Textbooks for Free

Textbooks are so much expensive, so I collect these sites which provide free textbooks downloads.

Notice: most of this kind of websites will show you a big download button on a book’s detail page, but DON’T click the button. Because over 90% of those big download buttons are ads, which leads to the wrong place. Instead, you should look for normal text links, like http://xxx.com/files/xxxxxxxx.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis

This site not only provides free textbooks, but also fiction, comics and magazines.

The majority of the textbooks on this site are PDF, some of them are EPUB. All of them are DRM-free.

–> Visit Library Genesis




This site has a modern design and provides 2,774,675 books 52,429,917 articles for free, that is a huge free library.

Input any keyword you want to search, the result list will show up below the search box. You can download the book to the computer for free, or just read it online.

By the way, Chrome warns me that this site is insecure, you should be aware if you are careful about this issue.

And there is a side project of BookZZ, which is called BookSC, it mainly provides scientific articles.

–> Visit BookZZ



Mobilism is a forum about Apps and eBook sources. I am very impressed by the eBook section. There are tons of threads and discussion about eBooks, especially about textbooks.

The eBook Requests forum can be very helpful if you indeed can’t search your book on the internet.

–> Visit Mobilism




This site has a clear structure. The main area displays the latest uploaded books, you can search book title name or ISBN in the search box.

On the book’s detail page, don’t click the “Download” button, it leads you to a fake page. Just click the URL under “Download” text. When I write this article, the download URL are all starting with http://longfiles.com.

–> Visit ebook3000


Free Book Spot

free book spot

This site has a nice book detail page, it displays the author, publisher, date, format, language, ISBN, pages, etc.. The most important, it provides the very helpful description.

Like the previous site, don’t click the big blue download button, it’s a fake one. If you want to download the book, please click the link under description.

–> Visit Free Book Spot




I‘ve heard Ebookee for years, this website has collected 3119106 books in total, what a huge free library.

–> Visit EBOOKEE



many books

This website is actually a blog, compared to the websites above, Manybooks has a smaller capacity. But it has more contents, like book reviews, daily free book information, daily discount book information. If you need a website which tells you which book to read as well as a free download source. Manybooks is your choice.

–> Visit Manybooks




This website impressed me innitially with the special domain name. On 2020OK’s home page you can see the super detailed category list. You can also search by the book’s title or any keyword.

You shall notice that not all books on 2020OK are downloadable. Some books can only be read online, of course, for free; some books are hosted on other site, 2020OK will directly deliver you to the hosting site in that case.

–> Visit 2020OK


PDF Giant

pdf giant

This is a very famous PDF magazine free download website, it contains almost all magazines I know.

If you need to download some academic magazine, PDF giant is your second to none choice.

–> Visit PDF Giant


Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books

A very professional free books library about computer and technology. Most of the books are hosted on other websites, so this freecomputerbooks.com is sort of a huge collection.

Every book has a detailed description, author information, contributors information, as well as some useful related links.

–> Visit Free Computer Books


Free Tech Books

Free Tech Books

An alternative to the website above. Obviously, Free Tech Books is a newly built website as it only contains 1166 books. I didn’t know this site before, so I can’t tell how fast it grows.

This website is more like a blog, each book is a blog post, it tells you the meta information of a book, what you can do with the book, and detailed introduction and author information.

The interface is modern and clean, no annoying or deceptive ads are found on this site.

–> Visit Free Tech Books


Online Programming Books

Online Programming Books

Another alternative to Free Computer Books, these two sites have similar interface designing and function.

–> Visit Online Programming Books




Bookboon has a very elegant website layout and design, as the slogan says, it provides textbooks for free.

To download a freee textbook from bookboon, you need to provide 4 personal information, including email, study or work, major and school. The website says they will never share your personal data with any thirdparty organization. If you do not want to enter these information, you can also subscribe to its premium service with $3.99/month. With premium account you can also download business books for free.

–> Visit Bookboon




Yes Reddit. There are some sub-reddit where people share textbooks there and you can request some textbook.

They are:

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