How to Download and Play Audible Books on Computer

There are more and more reports and data say eBook’s golden age is gone, on the contrary, audiobook’s market share is thriving.

Speaking of audiobooks, the first word coming to our mind is Audible, a company focus on audiobooks started in 1995 and acquired by Amazon in 2008. Now it’s the largest audiobook provider in the world.

In Audible, every new user can get 2 audiobooks for free at first, then $10 for each audiobook later. Most of Audible users only listen to audiobooks with iOS/Android app, someone uses Amazon Echo. Few people know that they can also download audiobooks to computer.

This article is going to tell you how to download audiobooks to computer.

Download Audible Manager

Windows user: Download Audible Manager at

Mac user: Audible Manager doesn’t provide macOS version, the Audible file can be played via iTunes.

Browse Audible files to download

Visit, log in with Audible account, then you will see the library page as the screenshot below.

audible files library

Click the “DOWNLOAD” button, on Windows computer you will get an .adh file, usually it’s a very small file (about 1kb). You need to open it with Audible Manager.

If you are using macOS, you will directly download the complete audiobook file.

audible .adh file

Download complete Audible file to computer

Opening the downloaded .adh file with Audible Manager, the complete audiobook will start to download.

download audible file with audible manager

This step is only for Windows users, on macOS you can download a complete Audible file in step 2.

Play the downloaded Audible .aa file

The downloaded Audible file’s extension name is “.aa”.

audible aa file

You can play it with Audible Manager or iTunes. Just right click on the file and choose Audible Manager or iTunes to open the file.

play audiobook with audible manager

play audible audiobooks with itunes

Each program has its own advantage: Audible Manager is able to set bookmarks, while iTunes can display chapters list.

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