4 Kindle Problems You Can Solve by Restarting Device

4 kindle problems you can solve by restart kindle

Because of Kindle’s unstable system, we often encounter some tiny glitches: like slow reaction, screen freezes, can’t connect to WiFi, can’t sync eBooks, can’t delete eBooks, etc. These problems can all be solved by restarting Kindle.

At first I will introduce several ways to restart Kindle.

  • By normal, you can press “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Menu” — “Restart” to restart your Kindle.
  • If screen freezes, you can press and hold the power button of Kindle for 7 seconds, when you see the power dialog, press “Restart”.
  • If the power dialog doesn’t show up when you hold power button for 7 seconds, please press and hold the power button for 40 seconds, until the screen flashes and the device restarts.

Slow reaction

This is the most common problem of Kindle.  It often manifests as slow page flip, slow reaction when press some button, or even goes down.

In these situations, you can solve the problem by restarting Kindle. If these problems happens again in short time, you can back up your Kindle books then return Kindle to factory default.

Can’t sync eBooks

Sometimes the newly purchased Kindle books won’t sync to Kindle, instead it just shows “in queue” and won’t download. This is a common problem of Amazon Kindle store.

A reliable solution is restart your Kindle. If the answer is still negative, please refer to next paragraph.

Can’t connect to WiFi

If you can’t see a WiFi signal in the network list, can’t connect to a WiFi, or can’t use internet when already connect to WiFi, you can try to restart Kindle or restart the router.

If still can’t solve the problem, please create a new file, set the file name as  “WIFI_NO_NET_PROBE” and don’t give it any extension name. Then put this file in Kindle’s root path and restart Kindle again.

 Can’t delete eBooks

Sometimes we can’t delete or open an book which is pushed to Kindle, and we also can’t find this eBook file in Kindle’s storage.

In many cases like this, this book is used to add into a collection.

The solution is: press and hold on the cover of the book can’t delete, choose “add to collection”, if this books is already in a collection, please uncheck the book from any collection, then restart your Kindle.


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